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Qatar, officially the State of Qatar, is a country located in Western Asia. It has a full area of 11,586 square km. Doha is its capital and biggest town. Arabic is the official and English is the common language in the country. Riyal (QAR) is its own official currency. Saudi Arabia is its sole land bordering country. About the nation of Qatar, which lies in the Arabian Gulf, you will learn with these 29 facts about Qatar. Travelers who visit the autonomous country gain great insight to the Arab World.


1. Qatar is among the top ten top manufacturers of LNG -- liquefied natural gas.

2. The country of Qatar recently spent an incredible $30 billion bucks on New infrastructure. Leading transport projects comprised the New Port Project and Ashghal's Expressway. Leading property jobs included the Msheireb development and also the Lusail City undertaking.

3. Qatar State has experienced significant economic development. Ongoing economic development has helped to earn Qatar among the world's richest countries .

4. The Hamad International Airport was opened in 2014. It has the power to manage around fifty million passengers.

5. The Hamad International Airport is the ninth biggest on earth . (Facts About Airplanes)

6. Revenue generated from oil and gas reserves makes Qatar inhabitants the second-highest earners on the planet . There are many banks in the state such as commercial banks, foreign banks, and the Qatar Central Bank.

7. Qatar will host another FIFA World Cup to be staged in 2022. Qataris also enjoy many sports such as handball, drag racing, golf racing, futsal, basketball, camel racing, water sports, swimming, and cricket.

8. The opening trip of this World Motocross championship was held in Qatar in February 2015. The off-road bike race has been run during the night because of the warmth.

9. The Qatari National Football League are Middle East Champions. The Qatar Stars League was founded in 1963 and is composed of two teams.

10. Amateur pearl anglers still swim the Inland Sea off the shore of Qatar in search of Pearl Oysters. Many Qatari people once earned their living diving for pearl oysters.

11. The Aspire Zone sports academy was Built on 240 hectares of land. The sporting paradise is home to an International sports Stadium, a mosque, parkland, a retail area, centers, a sports club and a sports instruction course.

12. Qataris eat their main meal of the day at lunchtime. Karak Tea is served after meals; the tea that was rich is laced with Cardamom. Even the Friday midday meal, following prayers, is a time for the family.

13. Most Qataris like sweet foods. In Qatar it's normal to eat a spoonful of honey and in the afternoon. The people of Qatar picanuts and enjoy new dates.

14. Traditional Qatari meals is influenced by Indian and Iranian cuisine. Qatari speciality dishes include Ghuzi, Motabel, Biriani, Taboulleh, and Hummus.

15. Machbous is a significant standard dish. The rich stew consists of rice and meat or fish and rice
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